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 As your Airbnb - VRBO hosts , we are friendly, helpful, and love sharing this amazing part of the world with you!
Charles and Maggie are avid travelers who made it possible for visitors to have a home-like place to stay. Being travelers themselves and aficionados of tourism they understand precisely how a guest desires to be welcomed. Meet this delightful duo who is looking forward to share their heavenly place with you with a warm welcome.


Charles relaxing in chair on vacation

Charles Taneous

Vice President

I have a natural intuition when it comes to travel.  Soon after marrying my wife Maggie, I knew she would completely love hauling a backpack across Europe. I am an avid reader, and love history.  On one of our traveling trips, our host was a retired History Professor who lived in Norway.  I was so blessed to share such a rich and glorious time traveling with him to different parts of the area. And now I have this wonderful opportunity to share my home as an Airbnb - VRBO host  in Portland Oregon, near PDX.  I have worked as an RN for over 15 years caring for the needs of those around me. Always respect the journey, no matter if it’s being shared from a patient in a hospital bed who’s heart is full of memories or from a first impression a guest has upon arrival.

We love to visit new places!

We have made our memories in Norway, Costa Rica, England, Hawaii, Egypt, the Netherlands, Alaska, Israel, Jordan, Mexico and many other places in the United States where we have had the pleasure to stay in different hotels and B&B’s.

From our firsthand experience we understand what travelers’ needs are and know what they need to make their stay enjoyable and memorable.

After gaining this knowledge, we decided to make a dream place for travelers in Portland Oregon to make their stay a one of a kind.

Maggie outside airport with suitcase

Maggie Taneous

Founder & CEO

I am an upbeat positive native Oregonian.  I love traveling and experiencing different cultures.  When I met my wonderful husband he shared my passion for traveling and meeting new people.  Both of us are the youngest of big families so we can fall sleep just about anywhere!  We’ve stayed with a fishing fanatic family in Alaska, a Viking Reenactment family in Norway, and a family in England during the 2012 Olympics.  Plus many more countries and fabulous Airbnb’s right here in the heartland.  As an Airbnb - VRBO Host I am reminded of the little wonderful things that made me sleep so well at night!  I am always thinking of what makes a guest feel especially welcome.

Charles and Maggie on Vacation surronded by palm trees drinking from coconuts

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